Saturday, 31 March 2018

BethTalks: 20 Things I've Learned by 20

As it’s my birthday today and I’m in a mindset of reflection, I thought that I would make a post about 20 things I’ve learned over my lifetime.  These are on a variety of topics and are in no particular order.  I hope that some of these things resonate with you and that you integrate them into your own life if you haven't already.

Monday, 26 March 2018

BethTalks: Relax, You've Got This!

Today we’re going to talk about what to do after hitting a wall.  These are some tips on post-breakdown self-care.  We will also dabble in the field of stress management; a how-to guide for surviving stress, sadness, and anxiousness.  Sometimes it’s really hard to motivate yourself.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed and indifferent your willpower alone is often not enough to get you to actually get off your butt and finish tasks.  If you’re feeling down, this one’s for you.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

BethTalks: To School Or Not To School?

Is university worth it?  This question is one that haunts many young adults.  Is it worth the time, energy, and money to essentially put your life on hold to do a bachelor’s degree?  Is it going to pay off?  Would it then help to get a masters degree after your bachelor degree, would that give you an edge; as there are so many people with a degree these days.  Then there are those who end up doing their Ph.D.  You can get trapped in a cycle of never-ending school if you’re not careful.  What I mean is that sometimes people continue to get degrees in order to avoid life, they feel safe in the role of student. But how do you know how much school is enough school?  This takes a lot of introspection, which means you need to be honest with yourself regarding who you are and what you want.  In short, you need to know what your priorities are before you decide whether or not to go to post-secondary.

Monday, 12 March 2018

BethTalks: The YouTube Squad

As you walk through life, you will undoubtedly be influenced by what you do, where you are, and who you hang around with.  When we’re young we’re like sponges; just soaking up media and information.  We find ourselves in the midst of fandoms, obsessions, and are passionate about many things.  In many people, this intense passion fades with life's responsibilities.  I don’t think we should ever want to lose that feeling of intense love; it can be mitigated by reason, but should never be disposed or hidden away.  Having a zest for life is what makes being on this earth interesting.  If you aren’t being inspired, then you’re not surrounding yourself with the right things.  

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

BethTalks: Roadsick Syndrome

What do you do when you when the thing you want most is out of your reach?  For many, travel is the love of their life; the thing they’re most passionate about.  Unfortunately, we don’t all get to do the things we love; not all the time at least.  For a traveller, being at home may feel stifling or restricting at times.  When your heart aches for the road, it can be hard to be fully present or even enjoy your life at home.  Here are some tips to attempt to soothe the heartache.  I present to you: 5 things to do when you’re roadsick (like homesick, but for when you’re missing the road).

Friday, 2 March 2018

BethTalks: Travel, Stop Talking About It and Start Doing It

Travel shapes you in a way nothing else can.  It can touch places within yourself that you didn’t even know existed.  Nowadays travel is very prominent in our culture.  In this post, I’m going to argue that we need to be taking more enriching journeys abroad.  I think it’s important for people to venture outside of their bubble; to get out there and see the world with your own eyes.  Getting second-hand information, like from news or social media outlets, is not enough. Everyone has their own biases, which makes it necessary for you to have your own experiences and form your own opinions.  Please go discover the world for yourself.  I’ve never met someone who’s regretted travelling, but people who don’t go almost always regret it.

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