Tuesday, 6 March 2018

BethTalks: Roadsick Syndrome

What do you do when you when the thing you want most is out of your reach?  For many, travel is the love of their life; the thing they’re most passionate about.  Unfortunately, we don’t all get to do the things we love; not all the time at least.  For a traveller, being at home may feel stifling or restricting at times.  When your heart aches for the road, it can be hard to be fully present or even enjoy your life at home.  Here are some tips to attempt to soothe the heartache.  I present to you: 5 things to do when you’re roadsick (like homesick, but for when you’re missing the road).

While these tips will not completely fill the hole in your heart, where travel should be, they will help you think more creatively about how you live your life; as well as better prepare you for your next trip.  Also, we should try to be thankful to have the heartache.  That means that we have something that’s important to us and worth getting emotional about.  Never lose your wanderlust folks, it’s a vital part of your essence; what makes you, you. 

1.  Explore Your Own Backyard 
This might seem quite obvious to those up-to-date with the travel-sphere rhetoric, but how many of us actually do it?  The few times I have taken the day off to go to the beach or go hiking, I’ve felt great.  I find that we can get all tied up in hoping for a better future that we neglect our present.  This is easier said than done, trust me I know.  As a student chained to her desk, I can sympathize with those of you who don’t make time for fun.  But we need to do it.  If we’re unable to be on the road for awhile, then we might as well make the most of it.  We should all be living our lives to the fullest as much as possible. That’s part of what draws us to travel in the first place right?

2.  Take Short Trips
You could go on a short weekend ski trip.  Or go camping.  When was the last time you went backpacking (read: bushwacking (ie. less Europe more big trees))?  Mini day-long road trips are super fun and doable.  There are so many trips we could be taking on a weekly/bi-weekly basis that most of us are not taking advantage of.   I believe that travel has as much to do with your mindset as it does with your surroundings.  Life's what you make it (I know that's uber corny, but it's true).  We might as well make it as enjoyable as we’re able.

3.  Watch the Vlogs
YouTube is a catch-22 in this case.  This method may or may not work for you depending on your mindset.  I'm going to preface this section by saying that I LOVE YouTube.  Specifically, I love its creative community and the travel content I can find there.  On a good day, watching these amazing people doing amazing things makes me so happy.  On a day where I'm feeling bad about myself and where I am in life, these videos can do one of two things: cheer me up or make me even more depressed.  The onus is completely on me for this though.  Since the dawn of social media, the comparison game has got infinitely worse.  I'm telling this to you all and to myself: STOP IT!  We all have our own lives to live.  Take inspiration from where you can, but it is your responsibility to live a life that is 100% authentically yours.  You owe it to yourself to be as you as you could possibly be.

4.  Collections & Lists 
It's inspiration hour!  Follow all the accounts on Instagram that catch your eye.  Find blogs that talk about the destinations you want to go to.  Make your list, check it twice, and add to it.  Seriously though, I've got lists upon lists upon lists of places I want to go, things I want to see, and experiences I want to have.  I believe that I am setting an intention for my life by actively looking for inspiration of how I want to live it.  What’s on your list?

5.  Game Plans
Make a thorough plan of a trip you want to take.  Design an RTW trip for yourself.  Make an outline of your gap year, your sabbatical, your retirement. Thinking about moving overseas?  Map out your strategy.  Is a potential study abroad opportunity just around the corner?  What’s your plan of action?  Do you have a schedule, a timeline, an itinerary, a budget, etc?  I think that if you plan for something, it’s more likely to happen.  By planning for it you’re expecting it to happen, which usually causes you to take the steps needed in order to achieve your goal.

Everyone has up and downs and rough patches to go through.  With the prevalence of media influencers in this day and age, it can be hard sometimes not to feel sorry for ourselves because of where we’re at.  The best way, I’ve found, to feel better about ourselves is to do something productive.  In my case, school isn’t challenging me so I’m feeling unproductive.  It’s partly due to this feeling that I’ve started my blog.  I’m super grateful that I’m getting an education, but the fact is that school won’t teach you everything you need to know.  Some lessons can only be taught outside of the classroom.  The world has many things to teach us as do our fellow humans in it.  It is because of our curiosity and our desire to learn that we venture into the unknown.  We hope to discover something that was previously unknown to us.  This is why we need to use the methods above.  We need to feed our wanderlust.  We cannot afford to lose this part of ourselves.  It’s too important.

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